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When entering a museum, I could spend hours looking at one painting. Much of my emotional creativity comes from the stillness of visual imagery. These paintings give rise to a dancer’s movement, an actor’s stance or a composer’s synchrony to a scene. Paintings provide the concept of movement and with each person’s varying perspective, the story changes. There are subtle details and bold statements that provide an eclectic emotional response. This is what theater does to the human experience and I strive to create it with every performance. 
All over the world there is beauty and inspiration. In all of my travels I have seen so many beautiful things, experienced so many different cultures and their views on the world. In learning from these cultures, my mind has been opened and my creativity has flooded. From the depths of our oceans to the high mountains of our world, creativity has been flowing from my mind. These experiences have taught me so much about peoples instincts and natural behaviors. These are just a few pictures of myself that have inspired me to direct, write poetry, choreograph, and compose music.
Color your world and never forget to look up because sometimes the things that are the most beautiful are right above you. Bahrain and all its beauty was so inspiring to me and lite up my world with color. 
Human observation is one of my largest inspirations. In the words of Shakespeare  ‘All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.' This is who we are when we think no one is looking. These images invoke an intensity of feelings and inspiration of creativity. (use the arrows to scroll though some black and white photos)
My favorite perspective in a theater, from this view you can openly visualize the story, being able to view the full picture of the scene to be lay ahead of the audience from each seat and visualizing the emotions that can emanate from the boards.
When I look to direct or choreograph I like to watch what might not be the first thing that the audience might notice but rather the hidden gems that bring the story to life. With out the obvious moves of left and right, shadows and the profile of the character will tell a different story with enhanced power of the story being brought to life.
When viewing this photo what do you see first? For me I notice the road passing through the circles. I notice the shadows of each ring and how they enhance the imagery bring the story to another level. Even without special lights and props the center of the image is highlighted and the actress is the focal point but she is not the only one telling the story of the photograph. The trees in the background give us hints of the time of year and the shadows on the ground tell the viewer the time of day. Even the strength in the actress's pose tells the audience that she is not afraid of what is to come, and yet her bent leg warns us that she is also not afraid to run from what could be coming for her.
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