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About Me

I don’t just love the arts, I live them. 

Born in Kensington, Connecticut, I found my love for dance at Dance Step

studio in Berlin Connecticut at the age of three. At age five, I started learning to play the piano and the violin, and after that I started voice lessons and added the

clarinet.  After University I pursued my second degree in American Sign Language.


To stave off the stereotyped poor starving actress, I’ve paid the rent as gemologist at a jewelry store, worked in the mortgage industry, as a sign language interpreter, paraprofessional, drama teacher, director for children’s theater and many positions in the food/restaurant industry.


I am now living in London UK where I completed

my lifelong dream of acting in England, after completing my Masters in a

joint program from University of London and RADA!


I'm an energetic world traveler that absorbs from all that my senses can drink

in and transform. As a continuously constant (albeit often) silent intruder

observing the day-to-day lives of the others, I’m continuously seeking

auditory, visual and tactile stimulation, particularly when working within a

role or a project. Henceforth, I have made many character choices based off

of things that people might just say or do passing by me. I am unique, strong,

and humbly-stated, multi-talented.


My interests are too great to fit into one lifetime, as I mold who I will

be tomorrow. Still growing, I feel that my limits are only how short a 24 day

can be and how far my finances can take me. I play many instruments to one

degree or another, am an American Sign Language Interpreter, a US Rowing

coach and rower, scuba diver, amateur photographer, singer, dancer, actress,

song writer, teacher, poet, choreographer, and aspiring director.

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